Anesthesia Machine

Vetia (for animal)

by J&TEC posted Apr 01, 2016

Vetia (for animal)


Unlike existing anesthetic appliances which are produced by focusing on for animals, it focuses on an anesthetic instrument itself based on the best safety and the best efficiency.
With new type carbonic acid absorber, as it maximizes use efficiency of sodalyme, anesthesia can be smoothly completed during a long operation with a small quantity of sodalyme.
The vaporizer which is a 100% home production is as elaborate and safe as Japan, and European countries want to introduce the technology, keeps consistently the density of anesthetic gas by applying new technology despite a long operation, and is produced as a thermostatic control type which is not influenced by temperature.

Basically, a Isoflurane vaporizer is adhered, and you can use it with another types of vaporizer according to an anesthetic your hospital wants to use.
As a tray of a anesthetic appliance is designed to put a monitor for a patient on it, do not need a separate monitor cart, and if you adhere separately an artificial respiratory apparatus as one of options, it will give you another convenience which it makes a patient breathe automatically after anesthetic.
As set unnecessary pipes in the inside of an anesthetic appliance up as one block, small troubles such as gas leakage are reduced greatly.


consists and setting

1. Flowmeter

Basic consist 1-gas (02) Single Flowmeter


2. Gas Suppling System

Basic consist Pipeline gas suppling system

3. Gas Control Unit

Scavenging system  
Oxygen flush 25-75LPM

4. 기화기(Vaporizer)



Basic consist 1-Vaporizer, Fixed state (Cage Mounting type)


Types of the anesthesia machine that can be consisted and range of density 0-6 Vol% (Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane)
0-7 Vol% (Sevoflurane)
Color and standard of the vaporizer
(Color - coding)
Halothane - Red , Enflurane - Orange,
Isoflurane -Violet , Sevoflurane - Yellow
Substance of remaining anesthesia substance indicator


5. Co2 Absorber System



Double Circulation Canister Type
Capacity 1.5kg x 1 canisters
Pressure relief valve  
Patient gauge -20+- 100cmH20


By using new ideology of gas moving method, maximizes usage efficiency of the soda lime, enabling long operation with minimum amount of soda lime.

6. Ventilator



Basic consist

1) Time cycled and volume controlled pneumatic microprocessor ventilator

2) Ventilation rate : 5 - 80 bpm

3) I : E ratio : 1:1 - 1:3

4) Tidal volume : Maximum 1500ml

5) I:E ratio

6) Peak pressure

7) Internal battery


Selectable setting

Tidal Volume / Minute Volume Display

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