CEO Greetings

To our customers, greeting?

We sincerely thank you for visiting J&Tec, corp.'s web page. Our company specializes in manufacturing and exporting gas inhaling anesthesia machine and also manufactures other medical instruments from endless studies, development, and investments.
We, J&Tec, corp., based upon more than 25 years of manufacturing experience and know-how, was able to introduce to the market the elegant and safe anesthesia machine with additional functions the department of anesthetic desired in 100% technology of our own.
We have opened a way for the customers to choose the optional safety functions and all basic functions the customers need, and additional high quality functions of which is none comparable to other products will be able to satisfy the customers both in quality and price.
Also, in case of the vaporizer of which is the core to the anesthesia machine is also a 100% technology of our own, we are exporting our vaporizer to the companies that manufactures anesthesia machines which need to maintain certain density, in which our vaporizer can be additionally attached.
We have produced an anesthesia machine that can be proudly presented to the rapidly changing medical instrument market and we have produced various models from low price models to high price models of which the customers can choose on their own accord.
Henceforth, we J&Tec, corp. promise that we will stretch out widely in horizontal ways as a global company with skills and sincerity, as the company and the customers, board of directors and stockholders becoming as one.

Thank you!

Branding, % 90
Protuct, % 80
Development, % 85
Sales , % 75


Continuous advancement in the area of medical, telecommunication, and electronic based upon I.T industries of which is the advanced technology of Korea.

Obtaining price competitiveness

Develop into world class technology company with the state of the art medical instrument at front

Maximizing profits of the stockholders from clear management and producing high additional value

Development of various contents starting from obtaining medical instrument market of which its' high technology is well known.

Management ideology of J&TEC KOREA
A company to grow in horizontal as the customers, stockholders, and the company become as one.